Episode 36: The Journey Towards a Healed Relationship with Food- Client Spotlight!

Dear Listener,

Oh my do I have a TREAT for you today!

This week, we’re switching it up a bit here on The Yours Chewly Podcast. Instead of hearing an interview with a wonderful fellow dietitian or coach, you’re going to hear an interview featuring one of my incredible, rockstar clients.

David’s ongoing journey to heal his relationship with food has been nothing short of inspiring. I am immensely grateful to not only know him and walk beside him on this journey, but also that he has been so brave and willing to share some of his story and lessons learned with you today. I couldn’t be more proud of him, his progress, and his determination to create a life built on self-trust.

If you resonate with David’s story of ongoing transformation, healing, and courage, reach out! You can find us both hanging out in the private Facebook community mentioned at the beginning of the episode. Find the link to join in my Instagram bio (@clairechewning). Everyone deserves a relationship with food that’s free, lighthearted, and *chewly* nourishing, don’t you agree?

Yours Chewly,

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