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Here's what a few of my clients have to say about their intuitive eating journey with Yours Chewly:

I work 1:1 with individuals who want to use intuitive eating to reclaim the joy, health, and confidence that dieting stole from them.

You may be a good fit for my coaching program if you're serious about:

        ✔  Healing your relationship with food + your body

        ✔  Never having to start a new diet again

        ✔  Overcoming negative health behaviors like binging, restricting, and obsessing over food

        ✔  Learning how to reconnect with your innate hunger + fullness cues

        ✔  Rediscovering joy and fun with food

        ✔  Committing to yourself, your health, and your happiness

This coaching approach is: 

  • 100% individualized
  • Rooted in the practices of Intuitive and Mindful Eating
  • Not for those looking to follow a meal plan or count calories/macros
  • Support on an individual and community level
  • By application only