Episode 80: Becky? Is that You? With Monica Fenwick and Nadia Felsch

Dear Listener,

Join me this week for an interview with not one, but TWO special guests. I’m talking with Monica Fenwick and Nadia Felsch from the “What The Hell Do I Eat?” Podcast!

Monica and Nadia share a bit about their work individually as nutrition professionals helping people heal from the harms of diet culture AND about their work as a dynamic podcasting duo. We dive into the very important questions, “Who the heck is Becky anyways?” and “How can we manage her voice when she shows up in our daily lives?” Plus, they each offer some tactical tips on how to strengthen your relationship with food in everyday life. If you want to find more of Monica and Nadia’s content, check them out on Instagram @whatdoieat.thepodcast and on their website, www.whatthehelldoieat.com ????

And don’t miss out on this week’s intro–I spend a few moments talking about #NEDAwareness week and offer a few things that YOU can do to create a positive food environment for yourself and those around you ????Enjoy!

Yours Chewly,