Episode 76: HAES® & Healthy Behavior Change with Heather Rudalavage

Dear Listener,

I am so excited to bring you our FIRST guest interview of 2020! Tune into today’s episode to hear a conversation I had with Heather Rudalavage, a fellow HAES® aligned, non-diet Registered Dietitian.

Heather lives in Philadelphia and is the owner of her private practice, Intuitive Nutrition. She helps individuals relax around food with compassion, empathy, and dash of humor (so you can imagine how well we get along)!

In this episode, she shares what HAES® means to her and describes how she incorporates its principles into her everyday work with her clients. She also offers some very tactical tips around the scale and how to approach medical providers whose only recommendations are to “lose weight.”

If you’d like to learn more about Heather and her work, you can find her on Instagram @haesphillyrd or visit her website, www.intuitive-nutrition.com!

Yours Chewly,