Episode 47: Intuitive Eating…For Life! Client Spotlight

Dear Listener,

Today’s episode features yet another conversation between myself and one of my rockstar 1:1 coaching clients. But wait, there’s a twist…

Becca graduated from the coaching program in February and has been living her intuitive eating journey on her own now for nearly four months! In our conversation, we talk about how she not only went from a macro tracking, intermittent faster to a confident intuitive eater, but ALSO her thoughts on the sustainability of an intuitive eating lifestyle.

And as always, if anything in this episode resonates with you, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. I’d love to add value to your life in any way that I can! Find me on Instagram (@clairehchewning) or in our private Facebook community (The Yours Chewly Goal Slayers).

Yours Chewly,