What Happens in Vegas…

Dearest Velcro Lovers, 

I’d venture to guess you subconsciously filled in the remainder of the title with “..stays in Vegas.” before the whole post could even fully load. Am I right…or am I right?

Much to your (possible) dismay, that’s not actually where I was headed with this post. Quite the opposite, actually. In my case, everything that happened in Vegas is most definitely leaving Vegas–well, everything except for my favorite razor that was tragically forgotten in the hotel shower & the $20 that I lost in my first ever Routlette attempt…but hey, that’s a story for another time.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself though, so let’s recap a brief timeline of events that will explain why I was even in Vegas in the first place…

  • About a year ago, I started this very blog that hosts the words your brain is currently processing.
  • I became a Registered Dietitian (something you can read all about here) & realized that this “blogging” thing was not just a hobby–I wanted to make a biz out of it.
  • Started said biz & realized I needed a mentor who 200% understood what it was like to stand in my shoes.
  • Ran across The School of Success Podcast, Episode 9 that convinced me mentorship was a MUST. I connected with the brains behind the podcast on Instagram that very same day and now call him coach (or Tony…he usually responds to both lol..)
  • I was invited to attend the one day Mastermind event in Las Vegas hosted by Tony & another nutrition coach + boss business owner and influencer, Jason Philips to learn how to create more impact, grow my biz, and clarify my message (both as an RD & a human being).

Now that we’re all on the same page on the “how” and “why,” we can gracefully get to the point of this post and discuss what exactly I’m not willing to let stay in Vegas.

For sake of sparing you from the *not so* brief novel that I could write detailing my every experience, connection, and lesson learned (there were lots)–I’ll keep this post rooted in one singular, yet powerful observation…

There’s something really compelling about being surrounded by people who just get it. In this case, my “it” is all things entrepreneurship, fitness, nutrition, and content creation. There are lots of other “its” in life, though–everything ranging from your innermost thoughts, insecurities, and motivations (these are big ones) to pretty much anything else you deem important or worthwhile in life.

Whether you know it or not, people who just get your “it” are the people who you attract (sometimes unintentionally) and, for lack of a better analogy, seem to stick to your life like velcro (I’m talking like that industrial strength kind).

I like to call these people my “velcro peeps,” but you may call them your “inner circle” (tomatoes//tom-ahh-toes, amirite?). Whatever you call them, they’re important–and you probably have a few of your own velcro peeps in mind as you read these words.

In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter how many you have. As boringly cliche as it sounds, it really is the quality, not the quantity of them that matter. However, over the course of my few days in Vegas, I did identify 3 areas of life in which everyone should have a velcro peep:

Tony Stephan, Yours Chewly & Jason Philips

1. Mentorship. I can honestly tell you that I didn’t fully believe in the power of mentorship until I started working with Tony about 3 months ago. Of course, we all have to learn from those older and more experienced than us to a certain extent, but there is crazy power in learning from someone who has stood in your exact shoes (metaphorically speaking, of course…bc #gross).

For a lot of us, our parents may be some of our first and most influential mentors–that’s great! Keep them there (I know I have). However, I encourage you to find someone really similar to you who is currently at a place in life that mirrors some of your biggest goals and aspirations.

Disclaimer: I mean ANY goal or motivation–doesn’t have to just be business related. If your passion is baking cookies, then go out there and track down the maker of the best dang cookies and ask them to teach you. If you want to be the best mom, go out and learn from women who rock the socks off of motherhood. I’m simply a dietitian who wants to take a non-traditional route and be successful with it, so I found a mentor who does exactly that.

You get the point–if other people have the tools to help you be successful, then why go at it alone?

2. Motivation. This is a really “broad sweep” type of word. It means a lot of different things in a lot of different contexts. I’ll leave it up to you to decide where you need a little kick in the rear end in this thing we call “life,” but I loosely define a “motivational” velcro peep as someone who pushes you to do the things they know you’re capable of.

In all honesty, these people are the people who help you to simply get over yourself so you can move forward with something meaningful–because let’s be real, we can’t be responsible for our own pep talks all the time. They’re kind of similar to the mentor velcro peeps we talked about, but instead of someone who has “stood” in your shoes, these are peeps who are more or less “standing” in your shoes (again, metaphorically speaking because two people can’t be in the same pair of shoes at once–#science).

In my life, my friend Trevor is one of these velcro peeps. We met in our college nutrition coursework and have continued to chart the same path of entrepreneurship ever since. He’s the human who encouraged me to “just start” at a time when I was unsure of my ability to juggle life + biz and so kindly told me to “get over it” when I complained over the awkwardness of hearing my own voice on camera.

Connect with someone who can do this for you and keep them in velcro range–no matter how much the awfulness (pronounced: awesomeness) of your pun jokes irk them…

3. Unwavering support. The feeling of mutual support is the cornerstone of any relationship. Without it, it’s almost as if one side of the velcro is dulled or even missing.

All of your velcro peeps should offer support (& vice versa)–that’s a given–but feelings of support and understanding should incrementally increase to match the degree of which you let someone into your life.

For a lot of people (myself included), the perfect example of this kind of velcro peep is a Class A significant other (although, I should clarify that you don’t necessarily need a significant other in order to feel supported in life–you do you, booboo). However, if you find one who makes you feel like Superwoman (or Superman, for that matter), do your best to keep em’ around.

I was lucky enough to have my supportive PIC come along for the adventure. This was the first time we had traveled as a team and had to find a work/life balance while in each others’ presence. Things went better than I could have imagined…and the fact that we were able to collectively pack our belongings in one carry on bag gives me hope that we can handle some of life’s bigger challenges, too.

From the moment this one stepped into my life (or should I say vinyasa’ed into my life–fun fact: we met when he first started coming to my yoga classes in college), he has been nothing but genuine, thoughtful, and lovingly supportive. He holds a safe place for me to be 200% goofily and confidently myself–and that’s the kind of human I hope everyone can be for at least one person.

Anywho, I’m gonna get going before the feels overtake me.

But before I do…here’s my ONE CHALLENGE for you. If any “velcro peeps” stood out in your mind as you were reading through any of these three areas, please share this post with them & put in your own words the gratitude you have for all they’ve done for you–because, in the words of one of my all-time favorite quotes:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou 

Yours Chewly,




P.S. I also want to take a brief moment of gratitude for a new-found velcro peep in my “motivation” circle. Her name is Toni & she’s a fellow boss babe RD who’s slaying the nutrition coaching game by helping busy people achieve the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. I’ve been fan-girling her on social media for a while, but was so happy to finally have the chance to meet her in person! If you’d like to check her out, click here.



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