Episode 52: How to Avoid the “Intuitive Eating Diet” with Nathan Baldwin

Dear Listener,

On today’s episode, I talk my friend and fellow Intuitive Eating Dietitian, Nathan Baldwin. In his online coaching business, he helps individuals reclaim their confidence, happiness, and health that is often lost throughout the chronic dieting process.

Tune in to hear why you CAN pursue healthy behaviors without focusing on weight and how you can avoid falling into the “intuitive eating diet” trap.

You can find more of Nathan’s content and learn about his coaching program by following him on Instagram (@nathan.baldwin.nutrition) or by visiting his website (www.discoverynutrition.com.au).

Plus, intro bonus content –> explore what the phrase “thin privilege” even means AND hear what’s up in the Yours Chewly Goal Slayer #DownwithDietCulture challenge!

Yours Chewly,