Peaches N’ Cream Overnight Oats
Servings Prep Time
2servings 5minutes
Servings Prep Time
2servings 5minutes
  • 1ea. 16 oz. Mason jar*
  • 1cup Old fashioned oats
  • 1.5cups Milk
  • 1ea. Fresh peach-Sliced
  • 1Tbsp. Ground flaxseeds or chia seeds
  • 1tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1Tbsp. Honey-Optional
  1. Begin by placing about 1/4th of the oats in the bottom of the mason jar. Place a few peach slices, a dash of cinnamon, honey, and flaxmeal/chia seeds on top of the oats.
  2. Repeat until you have 3-4 layers of goodness in the jar. Once all the ingredients are in the jar, slowly pour in the milk–it should nicely fill the cracks in the jar.
  3. Cover the jar and put it in the fridge overnight. Remove in the morning for an on-the-go, nutrient-dense breakfast! Can be eaten hot or cold.
Recipe Notes

*If you would only like to make one serving at a time, you can choose to use an 8 oz. jar and half the recipe. I like making it in the bigger jar because I get breakfast for two mornings (or breakfast and a mid-morning snack!). If making it in the big jar, you may consider bringing a small, microwave-safe bowl to dish out your single portion before warming.

**You can use any type of milk you’d like here. If you’re looking for a good plant-based milk, I enjoy the unsweetened Plant Protein milk from Bolthouse Farms. This is a plant milk made primarily from peas, so it’s protein content is similar (a little higher, even) to cow’s milk (unlike almond milk which offers very little).

***Honey here is optional depending on how sweet you’d like the oats to be. I tend to like things kind of on the unsweet side, but I have gotten some feedback from others who think the recipe needs a little bit of sweetness! Feel free to use a dash of honey, an extra peach, or maybe even a lightly sweetened version of a plant-milk (like the original or vanilla version of the Plant Protein milk) if you’d like.